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The signing of Tully and Oliver does not appear to be the end of Jim Duffy’s rebuilding of the Bully Wee squad for the season ahead…

“Up front is the hardest part and we have to be patient in bringing in players for those positions. We have Mark (Archdeacon) and Liam (Cusack) who have some senior experience and we’ve brought in young lads from amateur football in Steph (McDonald) and Michael (Oliver) who are still learning the game.

“But, without question, I know at the moment we are light in this area and Ryan Kane’s injury adds to that fact.

“However, we may need to wait and see and consider the long term. It is a long season so we cannot throw caution to the wind and rush and sign somebody up just for the cup competitions. We need to balance it out over the season and if it means waiting a month and getting somebody in on loan who can add a bit to the squad then that is what we’ll do.”