The Clyde Archive

Our famous club has been in existence for almost 135 years and has a proud tradition and history. This tradition and history is mainly encapsulated in documents, books, articles, assorted memorabilia and even the odd trophy over the years. There are many other items out there, some unknown, that all contribute to the overall story of Clyde FC.

To date no attempt has been made to collect, record and catalogue these items that make up the history of our club.

To coincide with the rebirth of Clyde as a CIC we are delighted to announce the launch of the Clyde Archive. The initial aim will be to identify and record details of as many Clyde-related items as possible. Other avenues of possibility will also be identified and researched, such as an involvement with the Scottish Football Museum.

A new dedicated section will be created on the official website in the near future. However, if you wish to contact the Archive team you can do so now via email at