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Backing the Bully Wee

Sun, 27th Mar 2011 9:01pm

Club Chairman John Alexander spoke to following yesterday's brief statement regarding the conduct of supporters:-

"Supporting our club is a passionate affair and everyone enjoys the often cutting and clever wit that football supporters are well known for," John said. "However, most of us recognise the line that is crossed when passion becomes something less positive and the clever wit descends into foul or abusive personal assaults on players, match officials or even fellow supporters. Sadly our club has developed a reputation throughout football for too often falling on the wrong side of the line."

Those words will come as a surprise to some but John was clear on the root of the problem...

"As a board we recognise that it is a minority of supporters who damage the reputation of the club and its responsible supporters. It should go without saying that there is no place for racial abuse at any football stadium and Broadwood is no exception. Unfortunately, a recent incident reported to the club shows that not everyone has grasped this; again, a minority dragging down the reputation of the club and Clyde supporters in general.

"Let it be said again that any abuse of this kind cannot be tolerated and anyone involved will face being excluded from matches with immediate effect."

John concluded, "As we build the club up again the continued passionate and positive support for the team is appreciated and we are confident that you will give your backing to improving the reputation of Clyde and its fans."