Fans’ Survey

As you might know, in the last week, the SPL have made their own proposals for the future of football in Scotland, and this was followed by the second part of Henry McLeish’s report. We will all have our own views about what each has proposed, but one thing that is clear is that neither has consulted widely and directly with Scottish football fans. As William Gaillard (then UEFA Director of Communications) pointed out at a Supporters Direct Conference in 2009, if we only have players then we only have an amateur game. To have a professional game, there must be fans.

So that the fans voice can be clearly heard, Supporters Direct are conducting a survey seeking views on a number of aspects of the McLeish and SPL recommendations. You can find this at:-

I would ask you to take the time (5-10 minutes tops) to complete this survey. By filling out the survey yourself, and encouraging as many others as you know to do the same, you can help make the survey as representative as possible of fan opinion in Scottish football.

Kind Regards,

James Proctor
Development Manager
Supporters Direct Scotland