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Wed, 3rd Nov 2010 10:01pm

Stuart Millar took the time to speak to the, following another disappointing result at the weekend.

Clyde's head coach was open with his feelings after the defeat at Cliftonhill:-

"I'm hurting and question myself each week; it certainly dents your pride and confidence. I've had a good reputation in football and this period has tarnished it. I never imagined us going on this run of poor form.

"In many ways, I'm like a broken record. Again on Saturday we started well and passed the ball about but we lost a goal and went to pieces. Being honest, if it wasn't for Jordan we would have lost by five or six.

"On the whole we lacked leadership, there was nobody taking control and nobody trying to inspire others. I told the players before the match that we had to compete as hard as Albion Rovers and, if we did, I believed our ability would see us through. We didn't and 3-1 flattered us. We can't score goals and are leaking at the back so it is a recipe for disaster at the moment."

Some Bully Wee supporters reacted angrily at half-time but Stuart was accepting of the situation:-

"I knew the reaction I'd get when walking off but the players need to remain focussed and should not react back to things. I said to them at half-time that I don't blame the fans for being angry, though granted some could express it better. But the players need to do what is right and keep their dignity at all times.

"In the second half, to be blunt, I had already slaughtered the players during the break and said everything I could so Gordon took the lead. I wanted them to go out and prove themselves. The ball was in their court to regain some respect.

"In terms of subs, to an extent I’m damned if I do and damned if I don't. I was keen to get Hadyn and Connor on but the sending off affected that and their introduction was delayed."

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Picture by SNS