Glasgow Cup 2010-11

As with tradition, the Bully Wee will take part in the Glasgow Football Challenge Cup during the 2010-11 season.

It will again be contested at under-17 level, but a new format has been introduced. The five teams involved – Rangers, Celtic, Partick Thistle, Queen’s Park and Clyde – will compete on a league basis, with home and away fixtures meaning eight matches for each club.

The top two teams in the mini-league at the end of all matches, will meet again in a Final tie to decide who claims the trophy.

The schedule is as follows:-

Week 1 (by end August): Partick Thistle v Celtic / Queen’s Park v Clyde
Week 2 (by end September): Partick Thistle v Queen’s Park / Celtic v Rangers
Week 3 (by end October): Clyde v Partick Thistle / Rangers v Queen’s Park
Week 4 (by end October): Rangers v Partick Thistle / Clyde v Celtic
Week 5 (by end November): Celtic v Queen’s Park / Clyde v Rangers
Week 6 (by end November): Celtic V Partick Thistle / Clyde v Queen’s Park
Week 7 (by early December): Queen’s Park v Partick Thistle / Rangers v Celtic   
Week 8 (by end February): Partick Thistle v Clyde / Queen’s Park v Rangers
Week 9 (by end March): Partick Thistle v Rangers / Celtic v Clyde
Week 10 (by end March): Queen’s Park v Celtic / Rangers v Clyde

Look out for updates on the Clyde boys’ progress throughout the competition on