The Work Begins

The Clyde squad started its preparations for the 2010-11 campaign in earnest yesterday, as pre-season training commenced.

Head coach, Stuart Millar spoke to following the opening session…

“I was delighted with the condition of the players and the spirit displayed by the group. It was the first time that the new players and the re-signed players had got together and that was important too. It is a long season and I was conscious that the players need to get to know not only each other but also the coaching staff.

“We are rebuilding our club and from a playing perspective yesterday was the first step in that journey. It was great to be back at the coal face and after ten minutes it felt like I had never been away! It was also good to benefit from the experience of Gordon and Rab as each of us took turns in leading. I think it’s important to delegate and work to all our strengths, especially in order for the players not to get tired listening to the same voice all the time. Everything was set up well and together we made it an enjoyable session for the lads.

“You have to remember at all times that these lads are part-time, coming in and going out to work before and after training, so you have to approach things in a way that understands where they are coming from. That doesn’t mean we settle for less but it is about working with them so we can get the best out of them.

“Teamwork and spirit will be vital during the season and the challenges ahead, but I said to them that the next few sessions are the only time in the season when they as players can be selfish. We obviously did some ball work but initially it is all about personal fitness levels and that is what they need to concentrate on.

“I’m delighted at the commitment the players have shown already.”