Watt’s View

As the process of negotiating with existing players reached a conclusion today, Neil Watt extended his thoughts to www.clydefc.co.uk.

He expressed his frustration at the manner in which some players have presented themselves during contract discussions….

“There really has been a change in attitude of some players these days – for the worse. Being offered a professional contract for a senior football club should be looked on as a privilege but it seems that some players’ desire for money is outweighing the prestige that comes with it.

“At this level it should not be about money. The extra that players can earn should be seen as a bonus, but it seems that some players want to treat their earnings from a part-time club as their main source of income.

“Several players have told me that they can’t survive on what we’re offering – well, I`m sorry, but we’re not in any way trying to offer a wage to live on! At Clyde FC we want to encourage our younger players to either embark on further education or go out and look for work.

“Everybody knows the job market is difficult to enter but it shouldn’t stop people from trying. A part-time player who wants to pretend he is a full-time player by combining his part-time training with going to the gym a couple of times a week, is kidding himself on.

“That also illustrates a lazy person and that isn’t the sort of individual we want to bring to the club.”