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Early Progress Pleases Stuart

Stuart Millar’s first week as head coach proved to be a very hectic one as the squad continues to take shape ahead of the 2010-11 campaign. He caught up with to give his thoughts on the progress being made, with four new signings having been secured so far…

“All the players we have brought in are great lads and that’s probably as important as their ability. We’ve got to have people with great attitudes, something to prove, willing to learn… it’s all very important. It’s vital that we have a good dressing room so that policy will continue.”

Stuart talked about one area of the pitch that is already taking shape and provided some more information on Haydn Cochrane, who is an unknown quantity to most Clyde fans:-

“Marc McCusker’s addition, along with Willie and John re-signing, gives us a potent strike force, although from a squad point of view we’ll probably need to add one more forward. Looking at last season, there was a lack of goals – Willie Sawyers apart – so we had to make sure we were covered that area. I believe we’re well on the way to doing that.

“Haydn is a central midfielder, either in the holding position or supporting the forward players. He’s a very skillful footballer with plenty of tricks. He was training with our under-19s for the last month or so of the season and Gordon Wylde recommended him. I watched him a few times, including in the SPL exit trials, and for me he was a stand out. We had to move quickly as there was interest in him, but he lives locally and is keen to progress at Clyde. As with all our young players, we will be handling him with care but I believe the fans will be impressed by his ability on the ball.

“I don’t want the focus to all be on the new signings though, we’re equally delighted that Allan, McGowan, Park, Sawyers, Stevenson, Stewart and Strachan have re-signed. They’re going to be a big part of the squad, alongside all the new faces.”

Unsurprisingly, it hasn’t all gone to plan as Stuart explained:-

“Unfortunately we have also missed out on one or two players that have chosen to go elsewhere. Financially we couldn’t compete with some of the deals that they were offered. If someone wants to travel an extra 100 miles for a few more pennies then that’s their choice and it doesn’t concern me greatly. I need hungry, committed players that want to play for me and the club.

“You can’t win them all as they say, but we have a large list of targets. In some cases we’re probably setting our sights too high but you’ve got to ask the question at least.”

To finish, Stuart looked back on his first few days in his new job:-

“It’s been terrific, although I think I need a lie down! It’s been very time consuming but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

“We’re ahead of schedule but we’ll continue to work as hard as we can ahead of pre-season training starting next month.”