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Read Issue 14 of the Clyde View Now!

Thu, 11th Mar 2010 5:22pm

The Cowdenbeath edition of the award-winning Clyde View is now available for download at the online shop.

For the reduced price of just £2, you can enjoy an early read of issue 14 to get you in the mood for the match.

The highlights include:-

• The Past Master who doesn't have Gardner Speirs on his Christmas Card list
• Gordon Sydney turns the spotlight on the Spring Cup... remember that?
• Cowdenbeath’s Joe Mbu... one Banker you can rely on
• An interview with the Partick Thistle prospect desperate to help the Bully Wee beat the drop
• Clyde boss Russell Moreland's class of... ?
• The Bully Wee Top Ten... players who scored on their debuts

Click here to get a hold of issue 14 now!