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John Winning Cold War

Thu, 7th Jan 2010 9:58pm

John McCormack spoke to this evening as another week passed without any Second Division action.

Keeping fitness levels up during the cold snap has been a priority but not the only thing on John’s mind, as he explained:-

"It’s important that we also do work with the ball. We have to remember that these guys are part-time and have worked hard all day, then have struggled against the elements to make it to the sessions. So we make the times enjoyable and interesting and the players have responded well.

"We have had three sessions a week and if Saturday’s match is postponed then we will train again then. We have also managed to confirm arrangements for a bounce game next week as well. The opportunity to use the facilities at Soccerworld and Toryglen has been most welcome and is helping us keep the players’ fitness levels and sharpness up.”

The hard work behind the scenes is also ongoing, as John and Neil Watt try to add to the two new signings already made in the window:-

"Of course the work isn’t all focused on the training and I’m using the other time productively. We are busy talking to players that we are keen to bring to Clyde.

"We are currently involved in bringing in more additions to help the squad out further, however I’m not in a position at the moment to announce anything else.”

John concluded by repeating his desire to get back into the dugout as soon as possible:-

"The break is frustrating but when you see games at the top level in England and Scotland also being called off you really just have to get on with it and remember that people are risking their lives going to work.

"We are preparing for the Peterhead match being on but we need to keep things in proportion. It’s all very well pitches being ok but if the roads are not good and supporters are at risk then common sense has to prevail. Some things are more important than football, though I might contradict myself when the games start again!"