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Thanks From Gerry

Following his ‘Leap of Faith’ parachute jump in August, Clyde fan Gerry Dunn has now collected all sponsor money and passed this note onto the website…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who sponsored the Leap of Faith. The jump raised £2320 for the Trust’s Back the Bully Wee campaign, from over 100 individuals and companies. If your name doesn’t appear here it means you wanted to remain anonymous or I couldn’t read your handwriting… or both!

John Alexander, David Arnott, Marianne Arnott, Robert Arnott, Stuart Arnott, Gary Ballantyne, Tom Bennie, Karen Blair, Tommy Bruce, Lynn Calder, Lynn Caldwell, Tom Callaghan, Gayle Campbell, K Carpy, Helen Clark, T Connor, Anne-Marie Curtis, Simon Dale, David Dalziel, Marion Devine, John Docherty, Dougie Donnelly, Bernard Dunn, Billy Dunn, Frank Dunn, Ian Dunn, Jo Dunn, John Dunn, Liam Dunn, Maria Dunn, Marion Dunn, Michael Dunn, Tony Dunn, Paul Durnin, Ella’s Kitchen (Brands) Ltd, Audrey Ewing, A Farr, Lianne Ferrie, Graham Forrest, D Fowley, Joan Gannon, Margaret Gill, John Gollogly, Bill Goodwin, Stephen Gore, Tiela Grant, Sylvia Halkerston, Robert Hannah, Vincent Harkins Mark Hegarty, W Henderson, W Horton, Billy Hughes, Mark Hyslop, Ben Clark Jones, Willie Kirkpatrick, Tracy Laidlaw, Ian Letham, Paul Lindley, Tom Love, Greg MacFarlane, Rod MacKenzie, Iain Martin, Angus Mathieson, Brian McAllister, Ronnie McCammick, Emma McCulloch, George McCulloch, Ian McFadyen, Frank McGarvey, Larry McGhee, Mike McGlinchey, Brian McGuire, Len McGuire, Tom McGuire, Ann MacInnes, Ian McKinlay, Mike McLaughlin, J McNaught, David McPherson, David Meldrum, Jo Middlemiss, Ian Mitchell, Martin O’Neill, George Paterson, Geraldine Patton, Jim Phelan, Rentokil, SAICA Pack Scotland, A Scott, Caroline Shepherd, Shetland Transport, Fiona Sievewright, Barbara Small, Tommy Smith, Phil Spruce, Jim Stewart, Margaret Stewart, David Stirling, Doug Struthers, Allyson Taylor, John Taylor, Anita Thomson, W Thomson, Jamie Walker, Neil Watt, P Whyte, Caroline Whyteside (+Val!), B Williamson, Matt Wood, Alice Woods, John Woods, Karen Woods, Gordon Young.

A special mention must go to those who took sponsor sheets and roped in their friends, families and work colleagues, but to everyone who supported the project, thanks again.