Board Update: September

Director of football Neil Watt met with manager John Brown this week to explore ways of providing support and assistance to him with a view to improving current form and results.

Following this, a commitment has been given to the manager that the club will fund additional coaching and support staff to assist and guide John Brown in coaching and preparing the team. Neil and John are working on this as a matter of priority and it is hoped an announcement can be made later this week.

Last week Neil Watt brokered an agreement to bring in three Under-21 International players from SPL clubs on loan to enhance the team, but unfortunately the players concerned declined the opportunity to make the temporary move to Broadwood. Neil and John are continuing to work hard to bolster the squad, although as has been well publicised over the last few weeks, the club are working under severe financial constraints. Recognising this, and in an attempt to help the overall financial situation, John Brown offered to reduce his salary considerably. This gesture has been accepted by the club.

This development on the coaching side is made within the very difficult financial constraints that were so well publicised pre-season. Chairman Ian Letham still has club survival as his main goal and whilst he is looking for improvements on the park, he emphasises that the next two seasons are likely to be the hardest in the history of the club on all fronts.