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Club Statement: Media Reports

Fri, 14th Aug 2009 1:24pm

Clyde FC received no communication whatsoever from North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) or Broadwood Stadium regarding any outstanding monies until today, this having been received after the matter was made public by NLC.

Members of the Clyde Board have attempted to contact officials and councillors of NLC and Directors of Broadwood Stadium Ltd (BSC) on numerous occasions in recent weeks without the courtesy of a response. This fact was confirmed in the letter received today. Late this morning, an apology was passed verbally to the club from the finance department of NLC via BSC in respect of demands for payments which are not due.

Clyde can confirm without reservation that, contrary to media reports, all sums due under the agreements with NLC up to and including June are fully paid.

It gives us considerable concern that we are permanently involved in a one way communication process with BSC and NLC. Whereas we communicate directly and only with BSC/NLC, the only communication coming from BSC/NLC seems to go through the media before we are involved.

For the avoidance of doubt, the club has no prospect of going into administration as indicated in the media. The club will however require to consider the viability of continuing to attempt to work with an organisation that is uncontrolled in its comments and unwilling to communicate on a commercial level.

Club officials have spent all of this morning dealing with this unnecessary and unfortunate release from an “NLC insider” which clearly attempted to destabilise the club. Sponsors, players and supporters can be assured that the information contained in the media does not reflect reality. The club has repeated its requests for a meeting with BSC/NLC; this has not yet been granted.