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Car Parking Update

Mon, 10th Aug 2009 11:06am

Talks to streamline the car parking are ongoing and are awaiting the final planning for the new Leisure Centre.

BUT… we need volunteers now to take the parking fees. We’ve got a few people who do this at the moment, but more volunteers would enable us to draw up a rota and that would only mean you were on occasionally.

So… can you help out? Come and join us please. We need your help.

E-mail me at [email protected] or phone the Clyde office (01236 451511) and leave me a message. I’ll come back to you!

And remember, Parking Season Tickets are available from the Clyde Shop valid for all home Clyde games for a minimum donation of £25. The Supporters’ Trust has decided that all parking fees from these tickets will go to the Bully Wee Fund which is used directly to improve and maintain the quality of the team on the park.


Chris Ormerod
Clyde Supporters' Trust