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Brown Determined

Clyde manager John Brown gave his first interview to the official website after what has been traumatic close season to date.

It has been a difficult time…

“It has been a tough time and most of all I feel for the players, the whole situation was dictated by the finances of the club. I really hope they can get fixed up with other clubs. And for the ones who don’t manage then don’t be surprised if you see them again. I will certainly keep in touch with them all.

“If they can find other jobs then who knows? Next season I envisage a mixture of players at the club, as youngsters will be training in the morning and part timers will be coming in at night. 

“We will certainly be investigating every avenue in order to bring new players into the club and we’ll confirm more details of that in the next few days.”

You have publicly stated your determination to stay yet in the aftermath of the Queen of the South defeat late last season you hinted at leaving. Why did you not resign?

“If the Queen of the South performance had happened seven or eight times that season then I would have walked but I will not jump ship because of one bad performance. The match at Dumfries was an embarrassment but we held our own in the majority of matches. However, there were some key factors which on reflection did affect us.”

What were those factors?

“The uncertainty over our tenancy of Broadwood for a time last season hung over the dressing room as players were uncertain if they would be paid and that had an effect. Equally injuries played a part too, pre-season was positive but Neil McGregor – who had looked excellent in defence and solid in midfield – missed most of the campaign, while Willie McLaren missed the first three months which again was a major blow.

“In the end we weren’t that far away and had those guys been available all season then it might have been a different story but we didn’t have the players in the squad to replace them. Of course, I didn’t want relegation but I am not downhearted, the club lives to fight another day and we will fight back.”

So are you staying to prove the doubters wrong?

“Walter Smith had his doubters even in a season where he won the league and cup. Gordon Strachan won three championships in a row yet people didn’t like how he said things. My response is to stand up to the challenge, fight on and get a good response from the players so we can start challenging again, that is what motivates me.”