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Back the Bully Wee: Update #10

Mon, 18th May 2009 11:31pm

The Back the Bully Wee fund running total is now £38142.16.

This week's figure was boosted by yesterday's fans v fans match, which is now contributing a round £1000 thanks to a generous offer by Clyde fan Tom McGuire to increase the total to the four-figure landmark.

If you haven't donated you can immediately be part of the team by going to the specially created page at Here you can find full details on the various ways you can make a contribution. Remember every donation, no matter how small, is vital and you can donate more than once!

A cash donation isn’t the only way to help. Every penny really can count so why not take part in the Trust lottery as it is another way of backing the Bully Wee.

Supporting other regular revenue generators such as the 50-50 draw, the Club Shop or just buying a Clyde View at home games may not feel like much but will make a difference.