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Come Along to the Fans Match!

Wed, 13th May 2009 11:14am

The end-of-season 'fans v fans' friendly takes place at Broadwood on Sunday (1pm) and looks set to raise a great sum of money for the fundraising campaign.

As well as around 30 fans that have registered to play, a number of people have offered their help on the day; managers, a referee and two assistant referees have been confirmed.

Website photographers Ian McFadyen and Ricky Rae have also kindly offered to cover the event... meaning that an extra special Gallery page is coming soon!

There will also be appearances by some ex-Clyde players.

People who want to come along and watch are more than welcome. Entry to the Main Stand will be free, but the chance to make a small donation will be available if you wish to contribute to the total.

As well as the main event there will be a buffet and a chance to enjoy the post-match in the comfort of the stadium.

All proceeds made on the day will go to the Supporters' Trust's Back the Bully Wee fund.