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Closing the Gap

Mon, 13th Apr 2009 10:49pm

Supporters’ Trust chairman John Alexander has clarified what needs to be achieved by everyone at the club in the coming weeks.

As donations keep coming in and fundraisers continue to be organised, John has confirmed on a statement on the Trust website that the target continues to be £140,000.

“Our plight is desperate,” John said. “I believe, however, that we can make the target if everyone pulls together, works hard and donates what they can.

“A target was set and announced at the meeting called by the club – it is to fill the circa £140,000 budget deficit for this year. I believe the same number has been referred to at the Trust meeting.

“Given the current stance taken by North Lanarkshire Council, we still have to assume that we need to find £140,000 of donations or other support. That is what will make our club safe so that needs to be the target for the ‘Back the Bully Wee’ campaign.”

Regular updates on the progress towards that target will continue to be posted on the official website. A fantastic sum has been raised already but, as the graphic at the bottom of the page shows, there’s still a lot of work to be done. John’s statement continued:-

“Contrary to some rumours we have no benefactor that will pitch up with the full amount. We need to show that we can get a good way into that number before others who might not be supporters will contribute.

“We can’t satisfy everyone on what they want as assurances and information, and they are entitled to withhold their support, but my thanks go out to everyone that has committed so far and to everyone that will commit.

“I would, however, ask everyone that will contribute to do it as soon as possible. There is nothing lost – you have the guarantees. Please do not find reasons not to donate.”