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Wee Can Do It!

Tue, 7th Apr 2009 11:29pm

In an article on the Supporters’ Trust website today, two of its board members, John Alexander and Gordon Nisbet have urged people to donate to the fundraising campaign.

As reported last night, the Back the Bully Wee fundraising total has now risen over the £12k mark - a great achievement but much more still needs to be done.

Supporters’ Trust chairman and Clyde FC director, John Alexander spoke today to try and clarify some issues he feels people may have as they consider a donation:-

“Our job remains to get NLC to talk to us in order that we can discuss a payment proposal that allows the club to continue and at the same time give NLC their money.

“I’d like to highlight the following points that may put people’s minds at rest about making a donation.

“Firstly, all donations that are made to the Trust, if identified by name, as is the case with cheques or on-line payments or cash handed over not as part of a ‘bucket collection’, will be ring fenced and returned to the donor if not required.

“Secondly, all monies raised in bucket collections, sale of CDs, race nights, comedy events etc will not be returned to individuals but will be held by the Trust and only used to deliver a long lasting solution. It will not be given to NLC unless they have agreed a reasonable payment plan.

“Lastly, if we go into administration then the funds will be held back to fight that battle.

“Thanks to everyone that has donated so far. Every bit makes a difference. There are people who may be willing to help us and the best thing we can do to encourage them to do that is help ourselves. If we sit and fight amongst ourselves and deliver no cash then we will make things massively more difficult.

“Do not hold back – whatever you can contribute will make a difference."

Trust treasurer, Gordon Nisbet added:-

“I can confirm that all monies donated to our Back the Bully Wee campaign are documented independently, ring fenced and its sole purpose will be the securing of our Club.

“In response to some queries we’ve had, the running total of over £12k published last night does not include proceeds from the recent CST dinner. This was itself an excellent £12k, but this profit forms part of the Trust's annual pledge to Clyde due in May and will already have been budgeted for by the Club.

“However, the campaign total shows what can be achieved in a small space of time and we’re hopeful that there will be a bigger rise in the coming days.”

Please visit the special page at for information on how you can make a direct cash donation.

For information on the various fundraising events being organised for the near future, keep checking the official website!