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Club Statement

Wed, 1st Apr 2009 9:44pm

On the 26th March, the Broadwood Stadium Company Ltd, a company wholly owned by North Lanarkshire Council, who own all its shares and appoint all its directors instructed its solicitors to issue a letter to Clyde FC, regarding the late payment of invoices. Clyde FC would like to state the following:

Clyde FC have compiled a payment plan to pay in full all outstanding invoices to the NLC/Broadwood Stadium Company Ltd but no response has been received.

All historical debt to NLC/ Broadwood Stadium Company Ltd was excluded from the CVA and agreed to be paid over 10years commencing Aug 05 on a loan agreement – this has been paid on time every month since commencement.

The club has been subjected to late and erroneous billing by the NLC/Broadwood Stadium Company Ltd e.g. invoices issued September 2008 relating to services in the summer of 2006.

Clyde FC has contributed a sum in excess of £500k to NLC/ Broadwood Stadium Company Ltd in the past 3 years in line with its lease agreement.

Clyde FC are also seeking clarification as to whether these actions would jeopardise any future plans should an SPL2 be approved, further limiting our ability to generate income.

The Chair of Broadwood Stadium Company Ltd/NLC, Cllr J Logue has failed to respond to repeated requests to meet with the board of Clyde FC to discuss this situation.

North Lanarkshire Council has failed to enter dialogue with Clyde FC despite repeated attempts by the club, apart from one council officer who, despite claiming he had the authority to discuss concerns, subsequently withdrew his involvement.

Stadium Development
Broadwood Stadium originally had plans for a 10,000 seat stadium with associated car parking areas for football use and a large scale mixed retail and housing development with leisure facilities including a Grand prix Mini Circuit, an all weather running track. Presently much of this land has been left undeveloped and the original plan of 4 stands with community and sporting activities built into the 4 corners has not been fulfilled.

The plan was brought together by Cumbernauld Development Corporation (CDC). When CDC was disbanded and NLC took over, the political power was in the North and the Cumbernauld plan lost prominence.

Further developments by NLC/ Broadwood Stadium Company Ltd have seen car parking at the ground completely disrupted with home fans being forced to park in the away car park, which is a health and safety issue.

Alterations to the stadium have been brought in with no consultation with Clyde FC and the subsequent design has negatively impacted the club’s revenue streams. One example of this is the affect of the decision by NLC/ Broadwood Stadium Company Ltd to pull out of building the 4th stand - a stand which NLC/Broadwood Stadium Company Ltd had commissioned and agreed a contract for building. Since that decision, the club has hosted 3 major games in which Clyde FC’s earning ability has been greatly restricted.

Clyde FC will be seeking compensation for loss of earnings.

Over 50% of season ticket holders of the club reside in Cumbernauld and its surrounding areas.

Clyde FC is committed to Cumbernauld and has demonstrated this through its investment in the School of Football

In regard to Clyde FC’s School of Football, NLC/ Broadwood Stadium Company Ltd issued a letter on Friday 6th March at 5.15pm which stated they were withdrawing services and refused entry to pitches for 300 children on coaching classes due to commence just 30 minutes later - even when offered cash to pay for the pitch hire. This action put at risk the safety of school age children who had been left at the stadium by their parents in good faith.

The current actions of NLC/ Broadwood Stadium Company Ltd and subsequent uncertainty and fear have delayed the club’s plans for greater community engagement and involvement.

Clyde Football Club and its Supporters’ Trust has raised a four figure sum this year for locally based charity, Scottish Spina Bifida Association and the SSBA’s logo is on the club’s shirt.

As the club continues to work to raise funds to pay all existing creditors, these efforts have been affected by NLC/ Broadwood Stadium Company Ltd advising that the club will no longer have access to Broadwood Stadium after 26th April 2009. The club has had to postpone several fundraising initiatives including cancelling hospitality packages for its home match with Dundee and a Gala Day that was set to involve a large number of groups from all sections of the local and surrounding communities.

Due to the actions of NLC/ Broadwood Stadium Company Ltd, Clyde FC regretfully has had no alternative but to seek another ground out with its home town of Cumbernauld to fulfil its remaining SFL fixtures after 26th April 2009.