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Chairman’s Comment

Clyde Chairman Ian Letham spoke to the official website following the Bully Wee’s excellent 2-0 victory over Ross County:-

“It was good to get the win as when all is said and done that’s what it’s all about.”

Off the pitch though was a stark reminder of the job in hand for the club, as a mere 776 hardy souls turned up for the important First Division clash…

“Clyde is no different from any other club at this time. These are tough financial times yet for us losing a few hundred supporters has far greater significance than 200 less fans going to an SPL match.

“At the start of each season we compile a budget which we always monitor. We have to be continually prudent, innovative and constantly examine the best ways in which we can support the manager and help the club progress in Cumbernauld. Unlike some other clubs, we can’t rely on just one individual and therefore when, due to the current recession, we experience a reduction in sponsorship income it has a substantial impact on our activities.

“We are fortunate to once again have a talented full-time squad at the club; this is credit to a number of people and the generosity of various individuals that support us. But we cannot rely on that to continue and must keep trying to increase our core income.

“Times are hard for the club but despite that I remain optimistic. I take pride that we are competing in the First Division and holding our own against clubs with substantially bigger playing budgets than ours, that our Youth programme is on the verge of bringing real benefit to the club and, although we may not have the largest of supports, our fans remain passionate about the Bully Wee.

“It’s that passion that we need to utilise once more, to help the club in the midst of these difficult times. I would ask people to re-assess what they can do to help the club or to support Trust activities. They can play a part by simply inviting a friend to attend or encouraging a pal who has stopped attending to return to Broadwood.

“If any fan isn’t happy about the way in which Clyde is run then I’m more than happy to meet with them and they can contact me via the club office to arrange a suitable time. We need to work together to back the club at a time when it needs your support most, so that we can see more performances like Saturday and go from strength to strength.”