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90 Minutes Special – 23rd January

Revival FM’s regular Friday night football show, broadcast in conjunction with the club, can be heard on Friday from 6.30pm.

This week’s show sees something different as 90 Minutes tries to explore the ills of the Scottish game.

Dennis Newall will give his ideas on how summer football would work in the SFL and David Dishon will be the studio guest, discussing free admission for under-16s and ticket prices in general. Derek Adams will also be a phone guest to discuss Saturday’s big game from a Ross County perspective.

The show is hoping to have an element of a phone in where you can put your points to David or give your thoughts and opinions on how to improve our game in these difficult times.

You can, as always, makes your points through the Chat section or on the minutes page. The best point will win a pair of tickets for the Ross County game!

You can listen to the show at 100.8FM or Website Members can join the live chat here or via the members menu.

The show is also available as a podcast. Click here for more information.