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90 Minutes - 12th December

Thu, 11th Dec 2008 9:14pm

Revival FM's regular Friday night football show, broadcast in conjunction with the club, can be heard on Friday from 6.30pm.

The scheduled guests this week are; finance director David Dishon, Broadwood Stadium manager Tommy Campbell, Alloa vice chairman Mike Mulraney, journalist Gordon Parks, Dundee's Eric Paton and Bully Wee fan Graham Murray.

The show's hosts will be looking out for your questions and views via the Official Website's live Chat Room.

You can listen to the show at 100.8FM or Website Members can join the live chat here or via the members menu.

Every Friday night, Revival FM gives away a pair of tickets to the next Saturday home game, courtesy of the club. If you want the chance of winning a pair of tickets for the match against Dundee, just answer the following simple question about the laws of the game:-

What are the dimensions of standard football goal posts?

Send your entry and a contact number to [email protected] by 6.30pm on Friday night. Don't forget to listen to the show to find out if you've won!

The show is also available as a podcast. Click here for more information.