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Ref Camp Diary #3

By Cammy Macdonald
Wed, 12th Nov 2008 9:51am

There's been nothing much to report from Ref Camp over the past few weeks, as all we have been doing is studying and sitting mock exams in preparation for last night’s test.

There has been no real controversy or even much questioning of decisions refs have made on a Saturday. As the press has been quiet on referees so have the thirty-odd pupils left to sit the exam. That really just shows that much of the questioning of ref’s and their decisions are caused in the media.

The last few weeks have felt like being almost back at school and, as the oldest pupil there, it has been a bit of a struggle to adapt to the routine of having to sit mock exams and study at home. And it has to be said that last night’s exam was not all that easy. Certainly the theory side of being a ref is not as straight forward as you would think, and we all know from watching them on a Saturday that the practical side at times leaves a lot to be desired. Still this time next week I will know if the last twelve weeks have proved to be worthwhile or whether it has all just been a waste of time and effort as the final results of both the written and oral exam will be in.

I could well be sitting writing the final extract of the Ref Camp diary as a qualified referee or more likely as a guy who thought it would be pretty easy to get through it and was found out not knowing as much as he thought he did.

For anyone who does wish to qualify as a referee or wishes to know more about refereeing we will have the president of the Glasgow Referees Association on the 90 Minutes show one Friday at the start of December along with a qualified official.

Every Friday night, Revival FM gives away a pair of tickets to the next Saturday home game, courtesy of the club. If you want the chance of winning a pair of tickets for the match against St. Johnstone, just answer the following simple question about the laws of the game:-

There are 7 sending off offences as described in the laws of the game. Can you name 5 of them?

Send your entry and a contact number to [email protected] by 6.30pm on Friday night. Don't forget to listen to the show to find out if you've won!