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Q&A With… Billy Gibson

Grant Morton continues his series by catching up with Billy in between this week’s Play-Off Final matches…

GM: How do you think the first leg of the final went?
BG: I think it went well although it could’ve been better. We could’ve got another goal at the end but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. But I think if you had asked us before the game if we would have taken 0-1 we would have.

Is that the hard part done?
No, definitely not. We are only halfway through the tie. Look at what we did to Alloa. That shows that the game is far from finished. A lot could happen on Saturday so it’s not over.

How do you think Saturday’s game should be approached?
We need to set up the way we have been, play our own game and not adapt to how Airdrie want us to play. We know who to watch in their team but we’re looking more settled and composed recently, even in defence and we are starting to come together as a unit. It’s a shame it’s the end of the season.

Do you think that the role of the experienced players, such as Marvyn, Jorg and Gary, has been important in the play-offs?
Definitely. These guys have been about for a long time and the experience shows. Having the older heads is valuable. I thought what Gary did last Saturday when he came on was unbelievable. Marvyn has been great for us as he likes to get in and about people and gives them very little time, and everyone knows about Jorg, he has come in over the last few weeks and scored a couple of vital goals.

How does this time around compare to your previous play-off experience?
I know what it’s about, which does help. But every game is different. It’s the same pressure as last time. You need to approach these games like cup finals and give it everything. You can be three or four goals down but you still need to go for it because all is to play for.

Did you not score a crucial goal last time?
I did. It was an injury time equaliser that sent the game into extra-time and then penalties. I scored a penalty as well! If it comes down to that this time I would do the same.

You arrived at Clyde after a brief spell with St. Pat’s. How did you enjoy your time there?
I loved my time over there. I was playing at a good standard of football and got to play in a UEFA Cup qualifier. My move back to Scotland wasn’t for footballing reasons but family reasons. My fiancé and family were still over here so it became difficult.

Did you have reservations about moving to Clyde?
Not at all. Someone did say to me though that ‘I’d come from the dark side!’ I know the history between the clubs and I know a lot of it isn’t nice, but a lot of clubs have rivalries and I have to be bigger than it. I am here to do a job for Clyde. My time at Thistle has been and gone now and I have to look to the future.

Was knowing John Brown a factor in your move here?
Probably. I first arrived here before John had been appointed. Gary Bollan, who I knew from Rangers, had invited me to come down and train for a few weeks, mainly to get my fitness up after I came back from Ireland. John Brown then came in and contacted me to offer me the opportunity to sign on, which was great for me.

How are you finding your time at the club?
I’m loving it. There is a great bunch of guys here and I’m really enjoying my football. It’s great to be back playing in Scotland.

Are you hoping to be at the club next season?
I hope so. Everyone knows the consequences if we don’t stay up. We know many of us may be out of a job. But hopefully we can stay up and we won’t have to cross that bridge.

You seem to have spent a lot of your career with Jimmy Gibson. Is there any particular reason for this?!
He keeps following me and I can’t get rid of him! Its just coincidence I think. I have known Jimmy since I was a kid and we grew up together, so it is good to have someone like that around.

Can you confirm whether or not the ‘Gibson Brothers’ are in fact brothers?!
It couldn’t be further from the truth! I’m glad to confirm we are not related in any way, although he would probably tell people he was my brother! A lot of people do assume we are brothers because of our careers. Funnily enough, after I had been here for over two months we were training and Jimmy wasn’t there. Stevie Masterton came up to me and asked where my brother was! It seems to be a common mistake to make!

Do you have any messages for the fans?
Get behind us on Saturday and stay positive. Hopefully I will see them next season in the First Division.