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Football Friday - 2nd May

Fri, 2nd May 2008 4:00pm

Revival Radio's 'Football Friday' show will be interacting with Clyde supporters via the Official Website as it airs tonight. The show's presenters will be monitoring the website's Chat Room for comments, feedback, questions for the guests and anything else of interest!

You can join in or simply talk about the topics being discussed with fellow Bully Wee fans.

Appearing on a bumper show this evening will be two men playing a part in tomorrow's big match; Kevin Bradley and Alloa's Andy Ferguson. Joining the regular hosts in the studio will be Gordon Parks and Ally Graham, no strangers to a relegation battle at Clyde of course.

Completing the line-up will be David Thomson, Secretary of the Scottish Football League.

You can listen to the show at 100.8FM or Website Members can join the live chat here or via the members menu.

Football Friday Podcast

You can listen to the show whenever you like via the official Clyde FC and Revival FM podcast. Click here for details.