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Andy’s In It For Keeps

Newly installed goalkeeping coach Andy Goram spoke to ahead of his second week at the club and following his first match in the Clyde dugout at Cappielow. He revealed that an invitation from John Brown – his former team mate – was not the sole factor in his decision to come to Broadwood:-

“I had several years with ‘Bomber’ at Rangers and we trusted each other on the pitch. Now we trust each other off the pitch.

“John asked me to come in but I would only have done it at a certain place where there were good ‘keepers to work with. Peter Latchford has left me with a good situation – David and Peter are decent ‘keepers with a lot of potential. I thought Hutts showed that on Saturday, when I thought he won us the game with two or three great saves.

“If I can help keep Clyde up then that will be a great achievement.”

The former Scotland man was full of praise for the club’s two goalkeepers and was quick to back Hutton on the comparisons being made between their statures:-

“I’ve had a week with the two lads and they’ve done a great job. I’m not saying I’m the be all and end all; all I can do is pass on my experience and what I want them to do. It’s up to them if they want to take it in. They’re good listeners and hard workers though.

“In David’s case, height has got absolutely nothing to do with it. You get ‘keepers at over six feet that can’t get on the deck but if you are smaller you can do that and still spring and get in the air. David is the same height as I was when I was playing and I’d always rather be 5’11 than 6’3.”

Andy finished by outlining his commitment to the club:-

“Some people might say that I’ll not be at the club for long but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We all know the situation and if we don’t stay up then there might be a major re-think at the club but if we do stay up I’d like to think I’ll be here next season and the season after that.

“I hope that as long as John is here, I’ll be here.”