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Thanks From Frank

Frank Dunn spoke to this evening to give his final thoughts on a hectic few days of negotiating that led to the televised fixture on Wednesday night:-

“We’re absolutely delighted with the outcome. It’s hugely positive and will allow us to start planning ahead with regards next season’s squad.

“We realised last night that there might be a window of opportunity on Wednesday night but all parties concerned had to act fast to get a decision by this morning, as Sky need at least 48 hours to mobilise a production team.

“Sky contacted us at around 9am this morning to offer us the slot and, thankfully, both Dundee United and the SFA also reacted quickly to allow it to go ahead.

“I’d like to thank all of the above for their co-operation as well as a number of senior figures in the game both north and south of the border that helped our cause.”

Frank also wanted to answer a query from the support regarding insurance of the original tie:-

“We have looked into this before and, unfortunately, because of the high risk involved we were told that it wouldn’t be a viable option to insure the income from a match against a postponement during the winter.

“In terms of the pitch condition for Wednesday, we have looked at every contingency and will be monitoring the situation very closely.”