Manager Search Begins

Club Director Frank Dunn spoke to the Official Website this evening to give supporters an update on the early progress being made to find a new manager for The Bully Wee:-

“I’d like to start by stressing that no agreement has been reached with any individual as of yet, either formally or informally. We’re currently going through the process of taking applications.

“We are, however, delighted with the progress made so far. We’ve already had discussions with

three individuals and will be talking to at least another two in the next 48 hours.

“I can assure supporters that the Board are as desperate as them to make an appointment as soon as possible. We want to move quickly so that the new man has some time to bolster the squad, but equally we can’t do things rashly; that wouldn’t be good for the club longer term.

“We’re also looking at how different combinations of people might work and having a member of staff who can also play in the team could be very beneficial. Nobody has been ruled out, including people already associated with the club.

“We need whoever will be best for our club at this time – we need to dig deep and continue the type of motivation that was obvious during yesterday’s match.

“It was commented again yesterday that teams don’t like playing against Clyde. There was good work done in the last 6 months, especially on the fitness side. That’s just one of the many good things about the team but we need someone to come in and do what’s needed to make sure that we start moving up the league.

“There will be a lot happening behind the scenes this week but we will try and keep our supporters updated as much as possible through the website.”