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Col Grateful To Loan Pair

Mon, 10th Dec 2007 7:30pm

Colin Hendry spoke to this weekend and revealed that there has been no change to the original agreements with Port Vale and Carlisle United regarding Joe Cardle and Dan Kirkup, meaning both players are likely to return to England at the end of the year. He said:-

"At the moment I've got to assume that both will be going back at New Year. I'd like to keep them and continue their education here but they both have new managers to impress. If there was to be any change to that situation it's unlikely to

develop until the last minute because John Ward and Lee Sinnott will, understandably, not commit to anything too early."

The Clyde Manager was wholesome in his praise for the two lads and their contribution to The Bully Wee:-

"Joe has a big future in the game. He's experienced a lot here in a short time and he can take what he's learned back down to England and go on from there.

"Danny's also done well. He's been a bit unlucky, with the manner of the defeat at Livingston taking him out of the side for a while. Like Joe though, he has played a big role in matches where we've picked up crucial points.

"England is a massive playground for footballers but both have every chance when they go back - but they still have some big games to play for us before that."

As players look set to leave Broadwood, Colin went onto talk about adding to the squad, particularly on the loan deals front:-

"We've been trying to get more players in on loan but we can't pay as much as other clubs can and that's why we've missed out. It's as simple as that I'm afraid but we'll keep looking and trying.

"I've been trying to bring a striker to the club for a long time but it is very difficult for us to tick all the boxes required to bring a player to the club. My sales pitch to players is that if they come to Clyde they will play games but that isn't always enough."

As always, however, Colin was not downhearted by the situation and felt there were still many positives about the players already attached to the club:-

"I would like more players in the squad but it's not something that needs to be detrimental and and it's up to me to get results with what we've got. The spirit in the dressing room is great and what we've got is something special - everyone is doing things for one another.

"As an example I think Danny (Kirkup) will have learned a lot from people like Neil, Chris, David and Craig at the back. Those guys are still very youthful themselves but they've been a great example and you've got to credit them. They went straight into Clyde's first team a couple of years ago and have had to learn fast.

"Guys like Ruari and Roddy MacLennan and Christian Smith are the new players in that role now and we'll be looking for them to continue to progress in the same manner."