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Col’s Official Comment

As previously mentioned, during the international break Colin Hendry took some time to talk at length to about various matters.

A subject he was happy to comment on is one that others sometimes shy away form; the relationship between clubs and match officials both on and off the park. The Clyde Manager said:-

“Since coming back to Scotland I have been disappointed at certain aspects of the relationship between clubs, players and referees. I’m disappointed that the first time I usually get to meet a referee is right at the end of a match – that is not the best time.

“In England, at 2pm the manager and captain of each team meets with the referee, his assistants and the match assessor to prepare for the match. We shake hands and then the ref then has a chance to introduce himself, talk over their approach to the game and highlight anything in particular they want to clamp down on that day.

“It breeds a better working environment for all concerned. I’ve been told it has been tried here but it didn’t work but surely if it works in England it will work anywhere. I just feel it is one way in which things can go forward.”

Colin did highlight a specific occasion where he believed a referee gave an example of how relations could be improved:-

“We play Morton on Saturday and our last meeting with them had some controversy surrounding it. On that occasion the referee was Brian Winter and he refereed our very next match just four days later. Despite our disagreement on the Saturday I admired what he did the next time we met.

“On the Tuesday afterwards he spent some time talking to the guys. He explained his reasoning for the decision and although I didn’t agree I respected the way in which he took time out to talk to us.

“That is an example of what can be achieved if the communication is right and it can only be good for the game.”