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Loan Arrangers Speak Out

English League One managers Martin Foyle and Gregg Abbott have spoken to their own club’s official website about the respective loan deals that saw two new faces arrive at Clyde yesterday.

Foyle, Port Vale’s Manager, said:-

“Joe Cardle will be with Clyde up until Christmas. He needs first team games, he has been very frustrated here and he has not been able to produce as quickly as we thought he would, so we wanted to give him three or four months football somewhere.

“We faxed around to see if anybody was interested in him and Colin Hendry, who is a good friend of mine, will look after him and then give us the feedback we need.

“Joe has got to grow up, there’s no question about it, both on and off the pitch, and I think he will be a better player and a better person for it.”

Carlisle supremo Abbott said:-

“We want as many players as we can to get as much football as possible, and I suggested to Dan Kirkup that he accepted this loan move, as it will get him some first team football. His response was fantastic, because he knows that if he can cope with first team football with Clyde then it will benefit him more than Reserve football.

“It’s the type of move that is right for everybody, and Dan is looking to grasp the opportunity with both hands. Hopefully he will come back a better player for it, and will then be really pushing to get in to my first team.”