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Club Statement

Fri, 10th Aug 2007 11:35pm

The Club is now able to issue some further details on the segregation problems that emerged at Tuesday's night's match against Raith Rovers.

It is important to emphasise that there is an operations meeting before every home game, attended by Clyde representatives, the Police and the security staff. These meetings go through all aspects of the game ahead.

In advance of this, games are designated on the basis of the away support to ensure that the Away Stand is not opened inappropriately - thus costing the club unnecessary financial outlay. Tuesday was deemed one of these occasions.

There are three turnstiles at the "away end" of the Main Stand to accommodate four categories (adult, concession, under-16, parent & child). Inexplicably, despite holding such meetings for years, one of the away turnstiles was not designated to include adult Raith Rovers fans; this was missed by all at the meeting.

Once a number of Raith fans had entered via the nearest adult gate at the other end of the Main Stand, the Police made a decision to not to move them.

The Club greatly regret this as it considerably inconvenienced many loyal fans, especially at this challenging time for the Club. Once again we unreservedly apologise to all our fans and will ensure that such a situation does not arise again.