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Sat, 26th May 2007 1:30pm

Club Director Frank Dunn gave an update this morning on The Bully Wee's search for a Manager. The Board have had to react quickly to events as they seek to fill the position and Frank took some time out to explain the process to the fans:-

"We have set up a Board sub-group to appoint a new Manager and already we have received several expressions of interest from well qualified and appointable candidates. Those individuals and others will be sending in formal applications within the next few days. However, I do think it will be a week or so before a final shortlist is compiled.

"We have established the criteria for appointment, one to ensure that we can take Clyde forward. We have spoken to all of the retained players and have been most impressed by their mature response. We have a most impressive cohort of young men contracted to the club and we are determined to do our very best for their career development."

Frank continued: "We will move this forward in a professional manner and will keep the fans informed as much as we can through The media, as is their way, will speculate of course but we'll keep the website informed of the facts. However, since some of the candidates may be contracted elsewhere we will be not be issuing any names until the appointment is made.

"This has been a difficult time for us all but we are committed to continue to work as hard as ever for the club and the full support of the fans will help us greatly."