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Fanzone Latest

Following discussions and consultations over the Fanzone, the Clyde Supporters’ Trust are pleased to announce that Strathclyde Police have agreed to increase the membership of this facility by a further 100. Therefore applications for new memberships can now be taken.

The Fanzone is open prior to matches for the sale of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and at half-time for the sale of hot food only.

Due to the current Licensing legislation, in order to have this facility available entry to the Fanzone is required to be via a Membership Scheme Only. An adult membership fee is set at the token rate of £5.00. For under-18s entry is free but they must be accompanied by an adult member at all times.

The membership subscription is solely intended to cover the cost of the stewarding required and printing costs, both being met by the Supporters’ Trust initially. It will be an essentially non-profit making initiative.

Application forms for a Fanzone membership will be available at the Trust Table at the next home game (beside the food servery).

We know this issue has been the subject of many a debate amongst the fans to have some kind of bar facility available and the extension of this has been pursued with that in mind. We hope that you will give this venture your support and will appreciate the reasoning behind the membership method.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the new Fanzone venture. If you have any questions or queries that are not covered here, please get in touch with the Supporters’ Trust Board.

– Why do I need to be a member to use this facility?
Liquor licensing legislation covering all Scottish sporting grounds forbids the sale of alcohol to “ordinary” pay-at-the-gate supporters. The sale of alcohol can only be made to those supporters who have formally registered to a membership scheme.

– Will any exceptions be made on having to be a member?
Absolutely not. For reasons stated above, everyone using the Fanzone must be a member.

– How do I become a member of the Fanzone?
Application forms are available from the Trust table (next to the food servery) on match days, the Club Shop or from the Trust Board through any of the usual means.

– Is there a membership limit?
Following discussions with Strathclyde Police a membership limit of 300 will be enforced on a first-come-first-served basis.

– Why is there a £5 membership fee?
Fanzone does incur running costs (primarily extra stewarding) that have to be met. Although the membership fee has been kept at an absolute minimum to encourage as many as possible to join and for other stated reasons, your fee contributes to this.

– Is the membership transferable?
No. Anyone found to be giving their membership card to someone else will have their membership terminated.

– Can I sign guests in?
Unfortunately not. Under the terms of the license all members using the facility must be of equal standing.

– Can I bring my children into the Fanzone?
Under-18s are permitted to enter the Fanzone free of charge provided they are accompanied by an adult member. The accompanying adult must take full responsibility for all children in his/her care.

– How do I enter the Fanzone?
Fanzone members should enter the stadium via the turnstiles as normal and then proceed through the red double doors near the back of the Main Stand where a Steward will be present to direct you into the Clyde Suite.

– Is there disabled access to the Fanzone?
Details to be confirmed as soon as possible.

– When will Fanzone be open?
Fanzone will be open:-

Turnstile opening to 3.00pm
3.45pm to 4.00pm (Sale of alcohol forbidden during this period
4.45pm to 5.30pm

– Am I guaranteed entry with my membership?
The only circumstance that your membership does not guarantee entry is in the event of the Clyde Suite reaching it’s capacity of 120 people (including children).

– What if I forget my Fanzone membership card
Unfortunately this means you cannot enter the Fanzone with no exceptions.

– What if I lose my Fanzone membership card?
You should contact the Trust immediately who will issue or arrange a collection of a new card in time for the next home match. Your previous membership number must be cancelled and disqualified and a new one issued, so the £5 fee must be charged again. Make sure you look after your card!

– Will I be asked to produce my card whilst inside the Fanzone?
A police officer may ask to see your membership card as part of a random inspection to ensure the licensing laws are not being broken so you should have it ready at all times.

– Will hot food be available at half-time?
Yes. Exact details of what will be available are to be confirmed by Broadwood Stadium as the season progresses.

– Will toilet facilities be available?
Yes. Access to the toilets adjacent to the Clyde Suite will be allowed but access to no other parts of the Stadium interior will be permitted from the Clyde Suite. Any business that you’ve arranged to conduct in other parts of the Stadium (i.e. the Clyde Office) should be done before entering the Main Stand and Fanzone.

– Will I need proof of age to purchase alcohol?
The bar staff on duty have the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to anyone they suspect is under-18 so you may need identification. A Fanzone membership card is not proof of age.

– Can I finish my drink outside in the seated area?
Definitely not. Stewards on duty will be instructed to prevent any member they suspect may be carrying a drink to the seated area. Any such breach of the licensing law will almost certainly lead to permanent closure of the entire facility and will result in arrest of the offending individual plus loss of membership. Also, anyone considered “drunk” either within or after leaving Fanzone will face the same fate.

– Do the Club or the Trust receive any share of the bar takings?
Not under the present agreement with Broadwood Stadium but this is open to review in future depending on the success of the venture.