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Injury Crisis Rocks Clyde

“Unbelievable. I’ve been in the game a while but this is a first for me.” That was Joe’s comments as he spoke to the website this evening. “Kevin Bradley contracted mumps a few weeks ago and was immediately kept clear of the ground but the infection has obviously continued.”

“It first came to light that we had a problem yesterday (Thursday) and since then four players have gone down with mumps and two more today were feeling symptoms. The biggest worry is therefore if it spreads much wider.”

“This is a crucial time. The games are coming thick and fast. Mumps are not a one week wonder, we are looking at players missing a fortnight at least. I’ve been in close touch with the medical staff and taking full guidance from them.”

Any word of tomorrow’s match being postponed was dismissed by Joe, “We have been in touch with the SFL but that was more to notify them of the circumstances here and asking for guidance due to the possibility of spreading the infection to other clubs.”

“As regards any postponement the SFL would look at the number of registered players any club has and would therefore take into account the under 19 squad for example, so having possibly 7 out of tomorrow’s clash is a huge blow to us but the SFL would look at the numbers of players left and therefore there was no chance of a postponement.”

“As I’ve said the bigger worry is what could happen and it really is a wait and see situation.”