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Why Me?!

Wed, 15th Nov 2006 7:20pm

Confessions of an Edinburgh Clyde Supporter (12/11/2006: Ross County at McDiarmid Park)

I have to tell you, it is a hell-of-a-lot easier to write this column after a good result!!

Having now had time to properly reflect on the trials and tribulations of Sunday, I feel it is important that us Clyde fans reflect on what was positive about our trip to Perth and the Final of the Challenge Cup.

Aside from the many veterans in the crowd, Sundays Cup Final represented a first for many of our supporters. Even my Dad, who seems to have been going for about a century now, was witnessing a Final for the first time.

So, how was it for you?

For me, Sunday was the most memorable Clyde game I have ever been to. Yes, Celtic last season was a brilliant day for everyone associated with Clyde, but Sunday, Sunday was something different. In the morning, I had the nerves, knowing something fairly special was about to happen. Reading through the papers, I felt like we were at the top of the bill for the days entertainment. Well, as soon as Celtic and St Mirren was finished anyway!

By the time we got to the ground, around 1.30, buses were rolling in, supporters of both teams were mingling, each trying to make more noise than the other. Like many Clyde fans, we headed for the pub. The place was bouncing, Clyde and Ross County fans mixed without any bother and you could sense that everyone was enjoying the big day, especially the owners of the pub, they must feel like they won the lottery!

By 2pm, it was time to get in and soak up the atmosphere. And what an atmosphere, you could cut the tension with a knife, people just kept on rolling through the turnstiles until, incredibly, around 2.45, we seemed to have pretty much filled the place. At times like this though, it's hard not to get annoyed that some of these people can't turn out on a Saturday. What a difference 200 extra through the gates would make.

Having got quite carried away with the whole experience, I was brought back to earth with a bump when I noticed Dougie Imrie and Steven Masterton were joining Mikey McGowan on the side lines. Gutted.

Anyway, having decided that worrying won't get me anywhere, I focus on the Samba band who are actually pretty decent. As the teams enter the arena at 2.59 though, I, and I assume many of you, was so tense that I could hardly breathe. Was today to be the day when I would finally get to see my beloved Clyde FC step out of the shadows and become top dogs for the day?

Well, we all know the answer to that one, and, to be honest, it's still to early to even try and look back on the 'if, buts and maybes' of the game. All that can be said is well done to Joe Miller and the players for putting us in the spotlight and giving us the chance to dream.

Finally, I hope at the next home game, we can see some of the new faces who appeared on Sunday and maybe even a song for Joe Miller, who, although has made a few mistakes, is doing a good job. And the players: What can you say? In the last 18 months or so, we have had more days to celebrate than the last 10 years.

I hope the rest of you enjoyed the Cup Final experience and at least now when we thrash County on Saturday, we can laugh and say we would prefer 3 points anyway!!

Mark Nimmo