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Great Response To Website Appeal!

The Clyde website editorial team of Graham Forrest and Gordon Thomson would like to thank the people to date who have responded in admirable fashion to our request for help in enhancing the Clyde FC website.

A great number of people have risen to the challenge and joined our previous regular contributors of Chick Duncan & Graham Murray and readers will get to meet them as the season progresses.

The door is not closed however for anyone who is keen to assist. Vacancies still exist in a few areas and a couple of new positions have arisen as we plan for the future:

****New Position****

Match day cameraman

To film matchday action at Broadwood. Equipment will be supplied but we would be looking for someone with experience. Are you the person or do you know of someone then please contact at email address below.

****New Position****

Text Commentator

Positions available for this potential addition to the site ie giving our fans who are unable to attend live text commentary of the matches. This would require an individual on matchday to be willing to give up their normal matchday routine to support the site. It is therefore another feature that would be ideally covered by a number of people who would work as a team and therefore limit the time commitment by one individual

Player Profiles

A brief pen pic of each player to be included in the club profile pages to give all fans some info about the squad. It would include stats on the player eg previous clubs etc. Again we are not looking for essays just brief summaries to give others a knowledge about the player. These require to be updated from last season and when new players are added then it would be required to have info on the player emailed to the editorial team 48 hours after the confirmation of the signature. As you can imagine this will involve a lot of work initially but after that it will be less demanding as the ongoing stats will be done separately.

Website photographer

Do you have the skills (and equipment required, no camera phones!!!!) for this post to enable the web to have exclusive photographs for its use?


We are looking for Clyde pictures from the past. Do you have them in a format that can be emailed and used on the site. If so please contact the editorial team.

Club history pages

This will enable passing visitors to our site to get a feel for our club, its achievements and significant events over the years.

We’re looking for writer on the following topics:

From the beginning