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Graham Roberts spoke to the website and was candid in his views on the role that fans have to play in the development of the club, “We’ve had two games this season when people were clambering for tickets namely the matches against Rangers and Celtic. Everyone was demanding tickets for their pals and sure people’s pals turned up for the glamour ties but why just those games?”

“It is all very well to have a “cup tie” support but we need people to encourage their mates to come to a normal league match. If an extra 500 came along each Saturday it would transform this club. People want us to sign this player or that but then are not turning up on match day. That affects what money Joe and I have available to boost the team.”

“People like to mention the Old Firm games and sure it helped us to sign up the players that we have to date but we cannot rely each year on the luck of a cup draw. I am not criticising the guys who turn up home and away, week in week out. However if some fans can encourage friends to come to a cup tie then I want them to realise the importance of encouraging the self same friends to come to league games. It is obvious we need to build our support and fans are key in bringing others to the matches.”

“We have had a great season, sure recent performances have been disappointing but this is the time we need to stick together. I think after the performances these players have put in this season and the expectations that they have exceeded they deserve that.”

“We need to build this club up and all of us, fans, players, management and directors need to work together to achieve our goal of getting Clyde to the top.”

More of Graham’s comments including his views on his future with the club can be read in this Saturday’s Clyde View priced £2.50.