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Trust In The Community

By Gordon Thomson
Mon, 3rd Apr 2006 12:00am

Trust Director John Woods tonight commented on the recent changes to Clyde's community football scheme. "It is a move which as a Trust we are fully supportive of and one that we will work in partnership with the Football Board to make it succeed."

John continued, "One of the principal objectives of the Clyde Supporters'Trust is to promote the game of football in general, and Clyde FC in particular, within the Community. The community football scheme is an ideal vehicle in addition to existing initiatives, to enable the Trust obligations in this regard to be met."

The Trust will administer the new scheme and John Woods emphasised that this initiative sees a return to the Trust developing Clyde's name within Cumbernauld and its' surrounding areas. "For obvious reasons the Trust has been concentrating on fundraising in recent years, there will always be a need for that to some extent, but now with the club getting back on an even keel the Trust can focus on the medium and longer term objectives of generating greater interest in the Bully Wee."

Condorrat based John, who along with Rosemary Brooking, will represent the Trust's interests on the Football Board is keen for the club to be a positive partner in the development of community football and work alongside local teams to encourage youngsters starting in the game.

Further proof of this objective was demonstrated by the recent meeting at Broadwood, when over 50 parents and coaches attended to learn of Clyde's plans and warmly welcomed the Bully Wee's community football scheme.