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Clyde In The Community

Clyde Football Club are delighted to announce this evening a major new initiative. As from today the club are taking over control of its’ community football programme. All revenue from this initiaitive will be re-invested into the club and its development of youth football.

Clyde are determined that all participants, parents and local businesses will benefit as its’community football is wholly run by the area’s only senior football club. Already local leagues have welcomed the plans to integrate the Clyde’s community sides into the Cumbernauld area.

Clyde are of course full members of the SFA and the club believes that this will further enable the Bully Wee to develop its community coaching programme for local people.

It is hoped that this move will also further improve Clyde’s integration into Cumbernauld and the surrounding areas as it builds a seamless link from community football through the youth development programme to the First Team.

Today’s news also enables the club to consider the full involvement of its first team squad in working with young players at all levels and again enables the people of Cumbernauld to build a greater relationship with its senior club.

Bill Munro (pictured right) the highly respected former Clyde and SFA coach has offered to assist the soon to be appointed head coach in developing this initiative.

As a result of this change an Open meeting has been arranged for 7pm on Wednesday 29th March at Broadwood Stadium where parents, children and coaches can learn more about this development. In the meantime if you want further details then contact John Ruddy on 0797 6608177

Clyde Football Club would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jim Strathdee for his previous work in this area.