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Trust Lottery Results For 21 September

Wed, 21st Sep 2005 12:00am
The winning numbers for the Clyde Supporters' Trust weekly lottery for Sept 21 were 2, 9, 10, 18. There was one jackpot winner who received £1,250 and eighteen players shared the £250 second prize each receiving £13.88.

The draw was made at Asda Cumbernauld and the Sept 28 draw for £1,000 will be made at Tesco Extra Cumbernauld.

Jackpot winner was G.Ferguson (SM5) Rutherglen.

Second prize winners were: OMM (SM9) c/o Vicky Bar, S.McCormack (CM4) Riddrie, R.Bodman (CM4) Clydebank, R.Rhind (JW5) Blanefield, R.Houston (JW6) Glasgow, A.Conner (SM5) Rutherglen, H.Connor (JW11) Bridgeton, T.McCorkindale (JW11) Milton, W.Goodwin (JW11) Grangemouth, Y.Sherlock (PU1) Seafar, S.Hamill, J.Flanagan and F.Luna all (PU2) Cumbernauld, I.Rennie (JW1) Cumbernauld and W.McBay, T.Cooper, J.Waters and J.Stuart all (JW14) c/o Masonic Arms Condorrat.

J.McTear (SM9) Rutherglen has won two free tickets to a Clyde home game of their choice.