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Sponsor A New Young Clyde Player

Wed, 3rd Aug 2005 12:00am

Supporters are reminded of two quite distinct ways in which Clyde players can be sponsored for the coming season.

We are delighted to see so many of last season's website player sponsors, whose first year ended on 31 July, have agreed to continue their existing sponsorship or move to a new player.

For the second consecutive year Emma Clark is Craig Bryson's web sponsor, whilst Emma's older brother Andrew has switched from Darren Sheridan to Neil McGregor. Younger brother Jamie has moved from Ian Harty to Paul McHale.

In similar vein, Dominic Jack has switched from John Potter to Peter Cherrie, Kevin O'Donnell from Garry Bollan to Joe Miller and from Billy Reid to Graham Roberts

Bill Munro is once again sponsored by Jim Nimmo.

New sponsors Keith & Jamilya Leitich from Seattle in the U.S.A. were quick off the mark to sponsor Stephen O'Donnell.

Whether located near or far we hope Bully Wee fans everywhere will consider sponsoring one of our new young players on the website this season. For £15 (including VAT) your name and photograph will appear next to your sponsored player until 31 May 2006

For further information please e-mail [email protected]

In recent seasons Clyde's main player sponsorship package has proved to be a huge hit with the fans.

For many supporters, becoming a player's sponsor increases the interest shown in his progress throughout the season.

As a sponsor, your name will appear beside your player in every matchday programme and the player's jersey will be yours to keep at the end of the season, signed if you so desire.

Home Top £125
Away Top £125
Third Top £125

For further information, please contact Commercial Manager Jack Rolland on 01236 451511 or email [email protected]