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2004 Agm Reviews A Momentous Year

The AGM of Clyde Football Club, for the period approximately coinciding with Season 2003-04 and covering the period when the CVA commenced, was held on Wednesday evening.

The knowledge that the current year’s figures show a completely transformed situation, as highlighted by Financial Director Len McGuire CA, was of great encouragement to all in attendance and Mr. McGuire paid tribute to the work of everyone who had contributed to a remarkable turnaround in the Club’s financial position.

Mr McGuire stressed that it is was the firm intention of the present Board to ensure that the Club countinued to live within its means.

Three Directors who were in post at the last AGM, John Taylor, Gerard Dunn and Dr Frank Dunn, were re-elected. Three individuals who had been co-opted to the Board since the last AGM, Len McGuire, Bob McPherson and Jim Murray, were elected as Directors.

The Board also intimated that it was their intention, immediately after the AGM, to co-opt John Ruddy and David Dalziel with responsibility for media/communications and sales/marketing respectively.

It was also announced, to loud applause, that Mr Len McGuire had been appointed as Chairman of Clyde Football Club.