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Successful Week

By Gordon Thomson
Thu, 23rd Jun 2005 12:00am

Graham Roberts spoke to the website today and voiced his pleasure at the continued progress in building the squad for next season. "It's been a positive time and I hope to have a further five or six new signings confirmed by the middle of next week."

Not all of those potential additions originate from the trials that have taken place at Broadwood this week but the Clyde manager was extremely pleased at the outcomes of the initiative. "The trial has been very positive. About seven players will be asked to return for the commencement of pre-season training on Monday and we will make up our minds from there."

The website will endeavour to keep you updated of the latest signing news but will only announce deals when they have been confirmed and apart from the deals to bring Chris Higgins and Neil McGregor to Broadwood no other signings have been finalised.