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Why Isn’T Clyde Telling Us?…..

Letters are currently being drafted by Clyde Football Club, in accordance with League guidelines, which will be sent out to each member of Clyde’s present playing staff – with the exception of Stuart Balmer, Craig Bryson and Eddie Malone.

Players under the age of twenty-four must be sent a “letter of re-engagement” not later than 15 May and such players must then notify the Club by 31 May whether they wish to accept the offer of re-engagement. Such letters are not mandatory in the case of players over the age of twenty-four but Clyde will be writing to all registered players confirming their position and asking for a response by a set date.

Such correspondence follows on from a series of confidential interviews with most of the playing staff, which took place over three days last week. One of the players invited to such talks was Ian Harty but Ian, as he was entitled to do, turned down the opportunity to discuss his future with a Clyde representative and advised a member of the Club’s management team that “it was time to move on”.

A player in Ian’s position is not required to provide the club he is leaving with any further details. Word soon comes via an announcement from the gaining club. That proved to be the case with Ian, although it is perhaps unfortunate that a couple of days after turning down talks with Clyde he was pictured in the playing kit of another club, whilst still a Clyde player.

That may have been a situation which caused some annoyance amongst Clyde supporters but it must be stressed that contractually Ian Harty correctly followed the set down procedure at every stage.

John Potter did speak to Clyde last week and thereafter not only stuck rigidly to the process but to the spirit of the process. He communicated all along the line and handled the situation with characteristic courtesy.

It is accepted that not all players will show the same degree of consideration towards the club they are leaving. Most of the Clyde players who have listened to what is on offer have understandably still to indicate how they see their future. For many it is a huge decision and that is appreciated by the Club.

The overall situation regarding the present playing staff will be resolved by the reply deadline but before then the future of some players will be clarified when another club issues a statement regarding a contract or pre-contract signature. The release of such news is outwith the control of Clyde Football Club.

It is to be hoped that this news item helps to explain how some signings are currently being made public. As usual, the Clyde F.C. website will endeavour to advise supporters of what we know, when we know it, informing about those existing players who have been re-engaged and providing the names of new players who have been signed.