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Taylor Talks (1)

John Taylor took some time out to speak to the website and it was football that was first on the agenda. “It is fair to say that Graham was an outstanding candidate who impressed us greatly. All appointments are risks. Our last two managers were both untried and proved successful.”

“Some appointments can look safe and less risky but don’t work out. Graham certainly has the motivational skills and the experience of similar jobs. His character stands out. Eddie Malone and Craig Bryson both met him and were reassured and very happy with his plans for the club.”

This is in contrast to the constant diet of bad news that seems to have been circulating at Broadwood since April. John Taylor continued, “At the time we were doing the player interviews it was obvious to us that the player budget would only support part-time wages. For some of the senior guys it was likely to be half of their previous deals so it was no surprise that those players have gone and some of the younger players might feel that they couldn’t commit.”

Local committment
“However Graham arrived and believes that despite the smaller wage packet it will be possible to train players in a similar basis to our players as before. Psychologically that is good for the club our offer to find players additional work if required stands and we’ve got agreement in principle with a number of local employers. It is a model that works in Scandinavia and Craig Brown and Graham Roberts both feel it can work.”

Many People were surprised that a management team was brought in with little domestic knowledge. John Taylor countered: “It is fair to say that Graham hasn’t had recent experience in the Scottish game but he has many contacts in the game and I’m sure we will see that with the players that will be brought into the club.”

John continued: “Change was always going to happen with so many players out of contract that is a scenario we would not want to repeat and I’m sure the manager would agree with that. The length of contract is up to the manager but if the player is right then we will offer the best terms we can. For example John Potter, who handled himself magnificently throughout the contract negotiations, was offered a three year deal. He was a credit to the Club on and off the field and the board was comfortable to sanction such an offer.”

“Our budget last year was fairly substantial. We obviously went with a smaller group of players and to their immense credit they won a substantial amount of games so at the end the budget was not an insignificant amount. Players move on and like Bryn deserve their chance in a higher league. Bryn has given the club great service over the five years he has been with the club and we wish him well.”

Champions at Broadwood
“New players will have to be found and for that purpose we will have a number of matches prior to the season commencing Graham has already fixed up eight games. He is of the opinion that he will be looking at around fifty players and he will need to see them in action. The only games with dates confirmed are Motherwell on 14 July (behind closed doors) and Manchester United on the 16th at Broadwood. As well as playing Dunfermline and Livingston I can also confirm that we are scheduled to play Rangers at Broadwood.”

“The last year has at times proved to be a painful process but we have used that as a catalyst to revitalise the Club and any additional income generated will go to benefit the player budget.”

The second instalment of John’s interview will be posted tomorrow when he talks more about issues off the pitch.