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Trust The Facts

By Gordon Thomson
Tue, 10th May 2005 12:00am

Clyde's managing director Jim Murray has welcomed the publication of recent correspondence between the Supporters' Trust and the Clyde Football Club Board.
Jim commented: "As a board we were concerned at the misrepresentation of our plans for next season and in particular the press speculation on the team's training schedule next season."

Murray continued: "The Trust Board sought clarification on any plans through their representatives on the Clyde Board and we were happy to do so. We confirmed that claims that the squad would be made to train four mornings a week and work in the afternoon have been wildly exaggerated at this stage. During contract negotiations the above scenario was presented to the current squad as just one example of how Clyde's new manager, whoever that may be, could decide to structure first team affairs as the club makes the difficult transition from full-time to predominantly part-time football.

To conclude in short, no decision on when and how the squad trains during 2005/06 will be made until a manager is appointed by the Club. We hope this clarifies the matter."