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Pride In The Clyde

By Gordon Thomson
Thu, 24th Mar 2005 12:00am

As the players rest, the Directors have taken to the fore with the launch of the Clyde Football Licence but before the announcement Billy Reid confirmed to the website that he had been kept fully informed of developments and welcomed any initiative that would bolster the Club's resources. (Details of the Clyde Football Licence can be found on this website and on the site of the Clyde Supporters Trust - )

Without a doubt, the Manager was looking forward to the respite after the St Johnstone game. It has been a punishing schedule but to come through it and increase the gap between second and third place is a great effort.

Suspensions will further affect the team and one player missing in Clyde's next match is Simon Mensing (pictured top left). "Simon has been magnificent for us this year. He has continued to progress and has shown his commitment and skill by playing in a number of different roles. We will certainly miss his contribution in the Hamilton game".

The Manager is of course delighted that the last midweek match has been played. He highlighted the difficulties it has given the squad, "Darren Sheridan and Graham Jones (pictured bottom right) are key members of our team but the midweek matches have been especially hard on them. Each has a four-hour drive, a sandwich for tea and then are expected to perform at their best before driving back home. However we knew the risks involved but both have been great for us. Prior to the season starting there was not a player like Darren Sheridan available in Scotland and Graham Jones has given Ian Harty valuable support in leading the line."

It goes without saying that the players that Billy Reid has assembled this year will chase Falkirk until it is arithmetically impossible. There was a tangible air of disappointment in drawing with St Johnstone on Tuesday and that in itself is remarkable given the pre season prognosis. Clyde are three wins off confirming second place to put alongside a Scottish Cup quarter final place. As the players rest before the final phase of the season they can be assured that regardless of the final position they and the coaching team have done the Club proud.